Bolton is our town in the North West, the largest town in England. Located just 10 miles to the North West of Manchester. A former cotton spinning mill town during the industrial revolution, it currently has a population of over 290,000 residents . Bolton began as a Saxon village. It was once called Bothl tun the village (tun) with a special or important building (bothl). Throughout the Saxon period, Bolton remained a small village, but during the the Middle Ages grew steadily until in 1251, Bolton was granted a charter and made into a town. Want more Bolton history?, don’t worry it’s coming!, we are working a full history of Bolton and timeline.

A site for all Bolton businesses is being built and is coming later this year.

This all started back at the outset of the internet (Yes it is a grandfather in terms of the internet). For the team behind this site, it is their home town. As residents of Bolton for over 50 years, we thought it is time to give something back to the community. So a new site is coming very soon, with business pages, local events and special offers. See you back here very soon, until then follow us on Facebook

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